Concrete Sawing

We have concrete hand saws, track-mounted wall saws, road cutting saws and wire saws which can remove concrete slabs, cut precise openings in buildings or aid in excavation for access to underlying services.

All our saws use only the highest grade diamond-tipped saw blades which make the most precise and efficient cut through concrete, brick, stone and even steel.

Concrete Sawing Services Sydney

Hand Sawing & Ring Sawing

Hand-held concrete sawing is a quick and versatile form of concrete cutting. Using a manoeuvrable saw with a diamond tipped blade, our professional concrete cutters can slice through many different types of concrete structures such as garden patios, driveways, brick walls and create small openings in concrete slabs and walls.

Track-mounted Wall Sawing

Track mounted concrete saws provide precision cuts in either a vertical or horizontal direction. Commonly used for opening doorways, windows or levelling off a concrete wall. We can cut up to 700mm deep with our largest diameter saw.

Road Sawing

Our motorised walk behind road saws provide a powerful method to cut through road surfaces. Road saws cut through everything from green to hardened concrete. We also offer a comprehensive range of asphalt blades specifically designed for road surfaces. The blade is powered by a gasoline, diesel, electric or hydraulic engine depending on the application. 

Wire Sawing

Wire saws provide a unique method to cut through large difficult and awkward objects where concrete saw cutting blades cannot reach. Using a thick looped wire that is  coated with diamond beads, the wire saw pulls the wire across the surface needing to be cut.

concrete control joint cutting

Control Joint Cutting (soft cutting)

For freshly laid concrete, cutting control joints is essential to prevent cracks as the concrete dries. We perform all types of control joint cutting on driveways, slabs including commercial and government work.

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