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Our friendly team can help you determine what concrete cutting service best fits your needs. If necessary we’ll come out to the site for a no obligation assessment and quote.

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Backyard Pool Concrete Cutting Services

One common residential request that comes up regularly is to assist with concrete pools. These permanent pits of pleasure in the backyard come into their own in the long Sydney summer months. As much as everyone loves a concrete pool, rarely is a thought spared for you the pool owner faced with constant cleaning and maintenance.

Apart from keeping leaves out, the chlorine topped up and running the creepy crawly, you might have been spared any major modifications. But if you are undertaking any household renovations or landscaping that encroach on the pool or have any issues with the pool structure itself, you are dealing with a significant concrete structure that may extend past your DIY efforts.

Common concrete pool related tasks involving concrete cutting and their likely solution are provided below:

Relocation of the pool filter

Pool filters are one device that aren’t thought through very well. When installing a pool, most efforts are on the pool and the filter often sticks out like a sore thumb. Pool filters are also often in the way of home extensions and landscaping efforts. Relocation of pool filters means a lot of pipework.

Connecting pipes correctly and hiding these discreetly means making passage for pipes in and around your pool structures. Concrete drilling can create almost any sized hole, at any angle in the some of the tightest and tricky locations. Setting up a core drill in a proper jig ensures holes for pipes run true and accurate with minimum damage to surrounding structures.

Solution: Concrete Drilling

Aligning a concrete pool with decking

The top of a concrete pool is typically at ground level surrounded by either a timber deck, or more commonly a concrete slab. Pool movement and the different expanding and shrinking behaviour of concrete (as it heats and cools) can cause uneven surfaces around the pool. These uneven trip hazards are more hazardous when it may cause an unexpected fall into the pool.

Concrete grinding techniques can smooth trip hazards in concrete slabs surrounding pools. Grinding can be undertaken safely by suppressing the resulting concrete dust. This not only stops it from going into the pool and clogging the delicate filters, it also prevents it from getting in the lungs of yourself or anyone else nearby. Concrete dust contains silica which is very dangerous and can lead to an uncurable disease called silicosis

Solution: Concrete Grinding

Concrete pool resurfacing

Pebblecrete was all the rage in the 80’s and maybe, one day it will come back into fashion. But if you wanted to change the aesthetic of your pool surface or remove embedded stains then you need the tools and know how to do it without doing irreversible damage to your pool.

Concrete grinding may be one way to remove and restore a concrete pool surface. The concrete grinder works much like a mower passing over the surface with rotating tungsten rings scraping away the surface piece by piece.

Solution: Concrete grinding

Pool drainage

In this world of drought and water restrictions, preserving your pool water is important. Having overflowing water properly captured correctly and funnelled back into the pool via the filter is key. If a drainage channel was not created during the installation of the pool a significant channel will need to be cut and cut accurately. If your pool is surrounded by concrete this is a decent sized job.

A heavy duty concrete saw can swiftly cut a drainage channel around any shaped pool. For long straight sections, a track-mounted saw will ensure a true straight cut every time.

Solution: Concrete Sawing

Concrete pool removal

All good things come to an end and if you have decided to remove the family concrete pool once the kids move out or its just too much to manage, concrete pool removal is a major job. Making sure the concrete is cut away from surrounding structures and sliced in small enough pieces to be carried away efficiently is key.

Concrete sawing comes in many forms. there is hand-held sawing to get into difficult angles, track-mounted sawing to cut clean lines and even wire sawing which can relentlessly cut through irregular objects effectively cutting a pool in half if need be.

Solution: Concrete sawing

Major pool maintenance often involves concrete cutting. Before attempting any cutting or reforming of your concrete pool it’s best to consult with professionals.

Mastercut Concrete have been cutting concrete in Sydney for over 20 years and have a fleet of skilled and mobile concrete cutters to make the necessary adjustments to your concrete pool. Our staff are equipped with a range of top quality machinery and hardware perfect for the job. Contact 02 9755 5505 for a free consultation and quote or complete an online quote request.

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