Epoxy Removal from a Concrete Floor

Looking to expose the concrete floor beneath old paint or epoxy coating? We will remove old or mislaid epoxy coatings to leave a fresh, restored, clean and even surface. We can also apply a new epoxy coating or one of our high gloss or matt sealants..

Epoxy Removal Process

Concrete Sealing Options

High Gloss Sealant

Gives that wet look and reflects light in a dim or dark room. High gloss will be easier to clean but will show up scuff marks and any surface imperfections.

Matt Finish Sealant

Provides a more natural look. In brightly lit rooms it will be less reflective meaning less glare. While slightly more difficult to clean, it masks dirt better and scuff marks don’t show up as much when compared with high gloss.

Solvent-based Sealant

Solvents penetrate further into the concrete so will achieve a higher gloss finish and also causes the concrete surface colours to be enhanced and darkened more than water based sealers.

Water-based Sealant

Water based sealants don’t penetrate the surface as deep as solvents, so the gloss will be lower, the surface won’t darken and colours won’t be as enhanced as what a solvent based sealer can achieve.

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