Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding has many applications to finishing a concrete surface. Mastercut Concrete Cutting offers a comprehensive concrete grinding, restoration and surface enhancement service using the latest equipment and techniques. We can create the finish you desire or provide alternatives based on your budget.

Concrete Grinding Services in Sydney

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Grind & Seal

Turn a tired old concrete floor into a centrepiece of your home or office with a concrete grind and seal. Concrete floor grinding will remove paint, glue and old tile grout leaving a smooth, clean and level surface.

A high quality and cost-effective finish can be obtained by applying a range of sealants, giving you a polished floor look at a fraction of the cost.

Epoxy Removal

If you have old epoxy coverings on your concrete floor, the only way to remove it is with concrete grinding.

Our concrete grinders sand back the epoxy revealing the concrete underneath making it suitable for a new epoxy coating or concrete sealant.

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Trip Hazard Removal

Avoid injury in your home, workplace or public space by removing trip hazards between concrete slabs. Trip hazard grinding is a specific form of concrete grinding that levels out slabs.

Concrete Polishing

Achieve a showroom looking floor with concrete polishing. While a concrete grind and seal will meet most people’s concrete floor expectations, a polished concrete floor will have an extra shiny, mirror-like finish.
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Concrete Painting & Epoxy

Restore a concrete patio or entertaining area with concrete painting or an epoxy resin. This can restore a tired surface into a fresh new area of your home. 

Pressure Washing

Restore a concrete driveway, garage floor or footpath with a high-pressure wash. Remove most tyre marks, oil, grease, chewing gum and mould. A cost effective alternative to concrete grinding for large outdoor spaces.

Compare Concrete Floor Restoration Options

Whether it be your driveway, garage floor, kitchen, shop front, warehouse or footpath, we have a solution to improve or repair your concrete surface.

Surface condition Grind & Seal Pressure Wash Trip Hazard Grinding
Epoxy resin
Tile grout
Uneven pours
Tyre marks*
Oil & grease stains*
Chewing gum
Level out uneven slabs
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* Depending on the severity of stain, a pressure wash may not remove this entirely.

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