Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is the most effective way to drill holes through concrete or other masonry material. Using a diamond tipped core drill, it grinds away the core hole creating a precision cut.

At Mastercut Concrete Cutting, we can drill fast and accurately in any direction to any depth using our range of concrete drills and specialised rigging equipment. We can drill holes over a metre wide and to any depth. We also use wet cutting techniques to minimise invasive and harmful concrete dust.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Sydney

Hand Drilling

Hand drilling is a quick method of concrete drilling to drill multiple holes in concrete in a short space of time. Using a specialised concrete drill with diamond-tipped core drill bits enables drilling through concrete, brick, stone and even steel. Hand drilling is best for smaller diameter holes such as putting in bolt holes or for plumbing.

Rig Drilling

Rig drilling enables a precisely angled hole to be drilled in any direction. It ensures accuracy and precision and is normally used for larger holes where the drill needs to be secured in place. We always drill using water to prevent the spread of concrete dust and clean up the concrete slurry waste.

Stitch Drilling

Stitch drilling involves drilling many overlapping holes until the required section of concrete is removed. Stitch drilling is used when an irregular shape needs to be cut or the concrete is too thick for a concrete saw to penetrate. Usually, depths over 700mm require stitch drilling.

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