Our friendly team can help you determine what concrete cutting service best fits your needs. If necessary we’ll come out to the site for a no obligation assessment and quote.

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Our friendly team can help you determine what concrete cutting service best fits your needs. If necessary we’ll come out to the site for a no obligation assessment and quote.

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(02) 9755 5505

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10 Reasons to Choose Mastercut Concrete Cutting

As one of Sydney’s leading and longest serving concrete cutting businesses, Mastercut Concrete has broad concrete cutting capabilities to cater to almost all types and scale of concrete cutting job. From major government infrastructure works to commercial and industrial projects and smaller domestic concrete cutting duties.

We are often asked the limits of how deep we can saw or drill or whether we can access certain areas or are suitably covered to perform work in certain sites and including our safety standards. In this article we hope to cover those questions so you know in advance. We are also ready to take your call to quote on the specific project you are working on.

Mastercut Concrete Cutting Vans

Mastercut have seven service vans on the road which are all fully equipped with the machinery and hardware for concrete drilling, concrete sawing and concrete grinding. Our vans are positioned across Sydney and we know where they are at all times. So, if you have an urgent job we can have our nearest van come to your site as soon as possible.

24×7 Availability (on request)

Mastercut concrete cutters can be made available on any day and at any time with advance notice. We realise that many jobs need to be done out of hours or in preparation for other work. Our reliability, punctuality and efficiency means you can trust us to get the job done quickly to a high standard. Request a quote here.

Drilling width

We have core drilling bits from 20mm right up to an entire metre in diameter. So if you need a precise hole drilled for a bolt hole, pipe or even a manhole we can drill it at any angle.

Drilling depth

Our concrete core drills can drill holes in concrete down to 700mm. With a technique called stitch drilling, this depth can be extended for several metres.

Handsawing depth

Hand saws are versatile saws to get into tight spaces. Our concrete hand saws can cut up to 150mm deep which can cut through slabs and reinforcing mesh quite easily.

Ringsawing depth

Ringsaws are also hand-held machines but have a deeper cutting depth than handsaws. Ringsaws can cut up to 320mm deep. They are commonly used for cutting through double brick walls and where concrete is deeper than the handsaw depth of 150mm. Using a hydraulic ring saw means you can avoid fumes and high noise levels, so they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs.

Roadsawing depth

Roadsaws are powerful machines to cut through large expanses of asphalt, concrete and reinforcing. Road saws can cut 400mm below the surface to either cut a passage for piping or remove a section of road entirely.

Wire Sawing depth – unlimited

Wire sawing involves a diamond coated wire which can be wrapped around large irregular objects and relentlessly cuts through the surface. This technique means that there is no restriction on the depth that can be cut.

Wall Sawing depth

Wall sawing runs on a track to cut a true and perfect line. Our wall saws can cut to depths up to 730mm allowing almost any wall to be cut.

Concrete Grinding

Our concrete grinders are perfect for removing trip hazards in school, hospitals, nursing homes, factories or on public walkways and footpaths. Each of our vans has a concrete grinder to make quick work of any uneven concrete areas.

We hope this gives you more clarity on the capability of Mastercut Concrete cutting capabilities. If you are looking for a professional concrete cutting service in Sydney and you want the job done right the first time, on time then please request a quote.

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